Hoofprints was opened in October 2011 by Lucy Conroy , this was based on her love for horses and a desire to teach.  After allot of research in the area it was clear that the Buckingham community wanted somewhere they could go horse riding.


“I just LOVE horses, it’s like an obsession! After having my two beautiful girls and seeing how much they love to ride I decided to offer the opportunity to others.  So many children and adults miss out as it is deemed “too expensive” so I have structured Hoofprints to enable everyone to have a go”

“I have a wide knowledge and experience within the professional horse industry,  I have competed British Showjumping to premier league level, British Dressage to medium level, and British Eventing with various horses I have either owned or ridden for others.  I have been teaching freelance for 15 years.  I’m a fully qualified instructor (BHSAI) supported by the British Horse Society” Lucy Conroy

The extremely highly praised Mary and Theodore who live up at Stow have been teaching Buckingham’s children and adults for over 50 years but sadly had to retire.  They still have some of their old ponies and still take donations for rides.  Buckingham needed a riding school that was as fun as Stow riding but with some added structure of school based work.  Horse riding should be fun for both horse and rider!

 All the horses at Hoofprints are sourced from rescue centres like the Blue Cross and RSPCA.  A couple of them are loaned privately from friends. All our horses are schooled to a high standard and enjoy hacking, cross country and jumping.  We like to ensure that they are happy and have a variety in their work load.  If you would like to meet our team of horses please visit the ‘meet us’ page.  Each horse has been assessed for suitability; we take huge pride in our care of the horses and ponies.   


Lesson Prices

All Groups are a maximum of 4

15 Minutes

2-4 years £5

5-18 years £7.50


30 Minutes

2-4 years £10

5-18 years £15

18 and over £20


60 Minutes

5-18 years £25

18 and over £40


Hacking out

All hacks are subject to a rider assessment first and accompanied by an instructor.

£30 for about 1.5 hours.

Own Your Own Pony Day (Over 5 only) £45 10am - 4pm

This is a chance for children to experience what is like to own your own pony for one day.  They will each be allocated a pony for the day and then learn how to care for it, ride it and have lots of fun!  The day is supervised closely and help is always at hand so dont worry they will be well taken care of.  Please bring a packed lunch and water proofs if it is raining.

Stable Managment Sessions (Over 5 only) £10 Each


At Hoofprints we believe that the care of the horses is the most important part, so we like to offer the chance to pupils to learn about how to care for the horses.

We have 5 levels of horse care and when each level is completed the achievement is marked with a painted horse shoe.


Level 1 = Black

Level 2 = Red

Level 3 = Green

Level 4 = Blue

Level 5 = Gold


These sessions are held during the school holidays and the dates will put up onto the website on the 'Updates' page so keep an eye out.

The sessions costs £10 per child for 2 hours

Levels of care can be repeated for recap even if it has been completed.  Also, if they are at level 1 they can still attend level 2 to prepare for the higher level.



Image description

My daughter Pippa at 2 years old kissing Buster, she just LOVES him!

Image description

Ellie on Sefton, hunting for easter eggs!

Image description

Jess on Baloo, Own your own pony day!

Image description

Storm showing Buster at Addington Manor show.

Image description

Above is my little girl girl Amber at Addington Show on her pony Harvey at just 2 years old, she Loved it!

On the left is Disney bravely jumping into the water in his younger days.

Image description

Socks being backed.

Image description

Fun day face painting

Image description

Jasmine talking to the judge at Addington Manor.

Image description

The team hard at work making Wilmer look very christmassy for the handy pony show!

Image description

Storm leading Amber at the Christmas handy pony show